Celebrate Pride With Orlando Relief

It’s pretty impossible to shake Micah Jesse . Those familiar with him know that his positivity and sunny disposition is his almost constant state of being and what draws so many people in to share the light. That’s why when the celebrity host, producer, writer (He is now a vital member of NBC’s OUT), and […]

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10th Anniversary Issue of Viste La Calle

It’s been way too long since my last Spanish class and unfortunately, shooting for VIste La Calle didn’t bring me much lingual clarity- although the theme of our shoot was ‘divinas’; its meaning rendering itself obvious through¬†our barely there makeup, and angelic blonde hair adorned with golden crowns. No, I may not be able to […]

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The Cutest Swimsuits For Summer by Coco Rave

The first official day¬†of summer is nearly here (Monday!) and what better way to celebrate than with a new bathing suit? I’m typically a string bikini type of girl, usually in just one color like the plain jane that I am, but lately I’ve been in the mood to spice things up. I recently did […]

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