Woom Is My New Favorite Yoga Studio

I don’t find it a coincidence that the day after I decided to embark on a 30 day meditation challenge, my best girlfriends were encouraging me to attend a ‘unique yoga experience’. I had already given my morning meditation a try (it’s hard) but was more than open to giving it another go, especially as it […]

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Grand Opening For The Asbury Hotel In Asbury Park

The beach is closer than you think. Folks are flocking to Asbury Park this summer and it’s not just because it’s the hometown of Bruce Springsteen. Making a full recovery after Hurricane Sandy, the beautiful beach front community is booming left and right, starting with the grand opening of The Asbury Hotel that took place this past Thursday […]

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Celebrate Pride With Orlando Relief

It’s pretty impossible to shake Micah Jesse . Those familiar with him know that his positivity and sunny disposition is his almost constant state of being and what draws so many people in to share the light. That’s why when the celebrity host, producer, writer (He is now a vital member of NBC’s OUT), and […]

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