6 Quick Eco Tips

Time is precious, just like Earth’s resources. Digest these 6 sustainable tips during your morning subway commute.

1. Mini-shop (I made that up)

I go almost daily to my local Key Food’s grocery store. If you have a convenient market nearby, you should too. Why? I buy only what I’m going to make that night on as as-need basis (besides stocked-up staples I get once a week or so at Trader Joe’s) to significantly cut down on food and packaging waste.

2. Bring a tiny tote

Hard to remember to bring an extra bag as you head out for the day? Get yourself a Loqi tote. I’m a city AND tiny purse girl and this one folds into a little 4.7×4.7 inch square pouch that fits into the smallest of my purses. It’s crazy strong and pretty huge. I’ve had mine since 2015 and used it over 1,000 times already. Wash it often and it’s still as good as new. Get it on it, New Yorkers, plastic bags are banned next year.

3. Make your own cleaner

Common cleaners contain harsh chemicals that toxify the environment and our water supply. Everything goes somewhere! Think vinegar, lemon, baking soda…this Good Housekeeping article has 9 different homemade cleaners to suit every surface of your household, including marble!

4. Buy loose veg

Parsley packaging from Trader Joe’s

The amount of unnecessary plastic produce comes in these days at grocers like Trader Joe’s is kind of nuts. Check your local farmer’s market or supermarket and grab the fresh and loose veg and throw them in your bag as is (you’ll wash your tomatoes at home, it’s not a big deal). If you must use those plastic baggies, purchase sustainable ones or reuse the same ones over and over.

5. Plant a tree

Or, at least, pay for it. “Since tree absorb carbon dioxide, which contributes to global warming, a worldwide planting initiative could remove a substantial portion of heat-trapping emission from the atmosphere,” as reported by CBS News. So if you drive/fly a lot or simply want to help heal Earth, pick a charity like Tree Sisters and donate money to plant trees. Just a one-time donation of $13 plants 33 trees.

6. Turn down the temp

I love hot showers, but they require more energy than cooler ones. I’ve been more conscious of my water temp lately. If it’s not already, get your power source on the green grid and keep the water cold or at least warm when doing laundry. Turn down your shower and hand-washing temps.

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