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I used to think that leading a completely sustainable lifestyle was idealistic and impossible. Consuming single use plastic is so heavily engrained in modern Western living that I thought, beyond purchasing re-suable water bottles, not much else could be done to stop it. Since starting a writing internship this summer, however, I’ve been exposed to dozens of companies and organizations that offer sustainable goods and services. My mind was blown. Cutting down on plastic use is not only do-able, it can actually become second nature, like ordering anything else online. It’s really only a matter of doing some research. Fortunately for you, dear reader, I’ve decided to highlight the products I’ve found, let you know how they work for me and where you can get them for yourself.

First up are the toothpaste tablets from Well Earth Goods. This e-commerce site is a plastic-free company that offers consumer products that are not only waste-free but healthier for you and the planet overall. These toothpaste tablets are basically little pills you pop into your mouth rather than the goo you squeeze out a regular plastic tube. They are slightly costlier than regular tubes of toothpaste; 125 tablets cost $14, but they offer a subscription discount of 10% off or a buy one, get the second one for 15% off. Plus, those conventional tubes take 500-700 YEARS to break down in the environment. Well Earth toothpaste tablets don’t take any time AT ALL.

photo from Well Earth Goods

How is that so? Well, the tablets arrive in 100% compostable paper packaging and there isn’t even glue holding it together. As for the tablets themselves, they don’t contain any harsh chemicals like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which are not only bad for you but bad for the environment.

So what is it like brushing with a tablet? After throwing the packaging in my compost container (I keep mine in my freezer) I slid them all into a glass jar and popped the first one in my mouth. I bit down a few times to break it up and wet my brush as I normally would. It has a mint flavor but it’s not nearly as powerful as the stuff you’re used to. And that SLS I was talking about? That nasty little chemical is what makes toothpaste so foamy while the Well Earth Goods tablets have none. It took me a few days to get used to this lack of foam, but it also made me brush for a little longer to be sure all of my teeth were covered, which has to be a good thing.

Traveling with them is pretty easy too. You can throw a few in an old pill bottle or in any little tiny thing you can find and surely have lying around your bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen (I don’t recommend a plastic sandwich baggie, an item that should be eliminated from your kitchen entirely).

Are the Well Earth Goods toothpaste tablets worth the purchase? Absolutely. Rest assured that you are contributing no waste whatsoever to the environment. Does it take some getting used to? Yes. But overall, I’m thrilled I’ve made the switch. Now on to the countless other products I use for my body and my home…

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