Natural Body and Soul Healing with Model Citizen Ali Tate Cutler

Have you had your chlorella tablets today? Ali Tate Cutler undoubtedly has, my first model citizen of 2019, though her dose was probably in the powder form that I saw her toting in her book bag when I first met her last week. We were both booked on a bridal job and I was instantly struck by not only her glowing beauty but the quiet confidence she exuded. On a table sat a copy of Medical Medium: Life-Changing Foods, with a juicy orange on the cover that caused me to salivate like a Pavlov dog. I asked whose book it was and so began a conversation into the fascinating lifestyle of model, health and spirit podcaster and Women’s Circle practitioner Ali Tate Cutler.

Sober Curious for a Dry January

I had initially told Ali that I was in the midst of my first sober January and was finding it easy but also hard on certain days to abstain from alcohol. She directed me to Episode 11 of her podcast, The Love You Give called Sober Curious, an interview with Ruby Warrington, the author of a book by the same name. I quickly plugged in and was drawn to the way in which they discussed how our spirit is affected by alcohol. I recommend The Love You Give if you’re looking for a mid-month boost in Dry January.

In talking with Ali on the job, her knowledge on a multitude of subjects from overall health to preventing radiation poisoning, water fasting to cure illnesses (under supervision!), and even correcting hormonal imbalances was clear. After a perusal of her podcast I noticed that the topics discussed in each episode were also on wide array of topics from self-love, alcohol, Ayurvedic practices, veganism, and even tantric practices. After just a few moments of discussion, I noticed that the other models on the job flanked my sides as we formed a natural semi-circle around Ali, pelting questions at her and choking down the answers while she remained composed, free from judgment and pretension. Naturally, I had to ask, how did you come to bring your life in this direction?

Ali’s Journey 

Several years back, Ali’s father was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and diabetes, given a small chance to live by the doctors in his care. For 3 months he subsisted on juice alone and was able to heal himself via “spontaneous recovery” as the medical community knows it. From that moment on, Ali’s entire family embraced a more healthful style of living. 6 years ago both of her parents went vegan and 4 years ago they sold their immensely popular silicon valley restaurant, La Fondue and joined the Tree of Life spiritual community in Arizona where they meditate weekly under the guidance of the renowned Dr. Gabriel Cousens. “My mom has always been more spiritually inclined than my dad, but they are totally different people now,” Ali told me.

At this time, Ali was playing professional soccer in London and eating the “meat, meat, meat” her coaches constantly emphasized. Despite their pressures to consume things like milk and steak, Ali watched the documentary Food Inc. and decided to go vegetarian but thought, “how can I do this?” And so began her quest into a way of life that was more nutritious and healthful for not only her body but also her spirit.

Habits for Health 

So, what are some ways in which Ali serves her body best and keeps on top of her health game? First and probably most importantly, she reads anything and everything she can get her hands that pertains to overall health and wellness. The best book she has ever read is The Pleasure Trap by Douglas J. Lisle, Alan Goldhamer. She also consumes medical journals and texts on different practices regularly in order to fact-check and compare and contrast the best options for her own body.

Ali also juice fasts every year for 8 days at a time and recommends that others do so to cleanse the body from the incredible amount of toxins we are exposed to daily (think make-up, deodorant, plastic water bottles, etc) and to enter ketosis on around day 3 of the fast, a state that reduces inflammation and can heal the body. She prefers to cleanse in nature at a clinic where someone can administer juices, colonics and massages like the one she recommends in Mexico.

Daily, Ali consumes lemon water on an empty stomach 10 minutes upon waking and follows with celery juice from stalks soaked in apple cider vinegar to cleanse from pesticides 20 minutes later. “My skin is clearing up and I’m starting to have that glow,” she told me. Yes, she certainly is.

Finally, she doesn’t see conventional doctors for preventative health care. “I trust eastern medicine for that.”

What You Can Do

Ali strongly suggests you to stick to supplement brands that have appeared in medical journals and reviews and to research every ingredient before putting it in your body.

I was very keen on Ali’s emphasis for balance throughout our discussion. As Warrington stated in The Love You Give podcast, “we are spiritual beings having a human experience,” and we need to try to be more healthful while also maintaing a sense of balance with room for error and pleasure.

A lot of my friends are curious about more natural forms of birth control and Ali recommends investigating them. Methods like sheepskin condoms and apps that track your cycle are great alternatives from the pill.

“Be wary of easy fixes.”

If you’re not consuming enough greens on a daily basis (I definitely am not) try incorporating Amazing Grass into your smoothies and meals to bulk up your intake of essential vitamins.

And finally, take some chlorella and cilantro, while you’re at it. I am personally becoming concerned with exposure to radiation in a crowded city like New York and chlorella supplements can help combat the effects of increased radiation as cell providers turn to stronger 5G networks.

“If that works for you, go for it.”

If you’re looking to add a little more Ali wisdom into your life beyond these helpful hints, please turn to her podcast The Love You Give and her Instagram account for up to date details on her projects that include a collaboration with Reformation. I will be attending her Women’s Circle on forgiveness on January 20, so please follow my Instagram stories to see it all.

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