Here’s What It’s Really Like To Go On An Epic Revolve Trip

“Would you want to come on an all-included weekend to Bermuda with me?” That’s the question my friend Jasmine texted me last Friday. Sound like a dream come true? For many mega-influencers an offer like this is just like any other day but I never thought it would be a reality for me! I may be a model, but I’m no heavy-hitting Instagram star. However, when one of my best friends and supermodel Jasmine Tookes asked me to be her guest on a 4 day trip to Bermuda with Revolve, I couldn’t say no.

For those of you who don’t know how the Revolve Around the World trips work, or any influencer trips for that matter, Revolve (trendy retail behemoth) spends their ad dollars by flying in and dressing up some of social media’s biggest players. Influencers take their own pictures and help promote Revolve’s pretty outfits while creating amazing content (the buzzword of the week) for their own accounts.

After stuffing my suitcase with the cutest, content-worthy clothes I could find, Jasmine and I took a flight to Bermuda, a mere 1 hour 40 minute flight from JFK and arrived at the boutique hotel Rosewood Bermuda. Our luxurious room was decked out with tons of high-quality beauty products (more on my favorites later in the post) and overlooked the swagged-out poolside. In the fact, this was the scene of the first item on our agenda: Pool Party. While we got ready with the doors open, checking on the party’s set-up I was nervous with anticipation. Would my outfits be insta-enough? Would everyone be too absorbed in their iPhones to notice everything happening around them?

The pool party turned out to be my first experience of the Revolve trip that completely changed my previous notions about what influencers might be like in real life. Not only do the bloggers look like they are having fun, but they really are. The fun moments captured may have taken a while to achieve, but each and every person I met was truly having a good time. Additionally, though I am what one would call a micro-influencer and thus not nearly as valuable as others on the trip, everyone was introducing themselves to me and wanted to build a relationship with me.

For the first night, I absolutely missed the ‘tight and high’ memo, and wore flats with a flowing mid-length dress while all of the other women were showing off their legs in short skirts and tight dresses paired with heels. However, where one would normally feel a bit out of place because of that, I felt at ease around these new friends.

The second day was perhaps the most ‘lit’. We all met in the morning to board a yacht to Castle Island for a private beach set up exclusively for getting that sweet content.

Everyone hit the sand running as soon as the boat docked, eager to get the perfect shot on the volleyball court, in the crystal blue water, or in the brilliantly lit caves. I even managed to snag my own content shot.

Once all of the perfect shots were taken we all headed back to the yacht via little boat to have a party. I really enjoyed meeting so many amazing people, from mega-influencers to jewelry designers and even ladies from the Bachelor. And as for the Revolve trips lacking diversity, this trip eradicated any notion of exclusionary behavior. There were multiple, beautiful influencers with a variety of backgrounds, including African American, Dominican, Filipino, and more on the trip.

The final day of the trip included a trip to town- a candy colored dream. Bermuda really is a beautiful place full of opportunities for content creation as well as just enjoying yourself a normal person would. If you head there yourself, I recommend checking out some local places for delicious fish, drinks, and dancing.

Last was certainly not least as the final night included a cave party. We were bussed over to  Grotto Beach Resort And Spa where a beautiful cave spa was transformed into a club just for Revolve to finish the trip out with a bang. It was surreal to be inside such a pristine and natural environment while a party was happening.

Before I get to the swag that I loved the most, I have to thank my beautiful friend for taking me on a trip of a lifetime, all of the down-to-earth influencers I befriended, and of course Revolve for hooking up the entire experience. Everyone involved puts in a lot of effort to get their jobs done and I was thoroughly impressed and inspired.

Products I Love

There was more than enough swag to love, but one of my favorites was the Kopari deodorant. I was already on the lookout for an aluminum-free option and this fell into my hands at the perfect time. As for brows, our room came with a huge brow kit, but this mini tinted brow gel from Benefit is perfect for fitting in my make-up bag.

What’s not to love about texturizing spray? I loved trying out this salt spray from R+Co. Finally, I’m ga-ga over this Supergoop! powder. I tend to be very oily, so having a powder that gives a matte finish but also has 45 SPF is a real treat.

If you want to see more pictures, follow me @itsrachscott on Instagram or search #RevolveAroundTheWorld!

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