Must-Try At Home Facial

Who doesn’t love a good facial? As much as I love spending the time to refresh my skin, I don’t always love the pretty price tag attached to this spa-like service. Fortunately, I’ve picked up on some great tips for doing your own facial at home that is super effective and at a fraction of the price! Knowing these few crucial steps will turn your home into a spa and your skin to beautiful perfection!

#1: Exfoliate

Once you’ve removed your make-up (I’ve been using coconut oil lately, it’s super gentle and natural on my skin but can cause breakouts in certain skin types), be sure to exfoliate. Sloughing off dead skin cells will prepare your face for the masks do their job that much better. I use Burts Bees pore refining scrub because it’s natural, gentle, and contains salicylic acid, an essential ingredient for my pimple-prone skin.

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#2: Hydrate

After exfoliating, open up those pores with a hydrating or moisturizing mask. The skin’s surface will become more supple, making it easier to draw out the dirt and grime in the next step. I love the individual sheet masks because of their flexibility. Once you remove the mask, feel free to gently rub in the remaining liquid left on your face to let the benefits continue.

#3: Draw Out Dirt

The next step in your at-home facial is to pull out the dirt currently clogging your pores. Any mask with mud and clay in it will do the trick! I love Peter Thomas Roth’s Irish Moor Mud purifying black mask. It’s decongesting, pore refining, and will literally erase all of your blackheads. My nose used to be dotted with stubborn clogged pores but after a few weeks of at-home facials, they have truly disappeared!

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#4: Moisturize

To finish off the facial, I like to apply my regular toner followed by a good moisturizer, night cream, or oil. Apply whatever you love best and works for your skin.

I find this at-home facial works best when done every week. It leaves my skin feeling very hydrated and clean, something we all want! Try this at-home routine and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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