The Beauty of Bondi- Sculptures by the Sea

As the leaves color and fall all along the East Coast of America, halfway across the world in Sydney, Australia, spring is coming into bloom. It’s a weird feeling to see my Instagram feed populated with pumpkins, sweaters, and cozy cups of PSL while each day that I’m awake down under is longer than the next, and hotter. Nothing is dying here but rather coming to life; the jacaranda and jasmine arriving in their radiant glory. The surest sign that summer is upon us is more of natural/human hybrid- the celebrated  Sculptures by the Sea .

I arrived just in time for the 20th annual exhibit that covers the coastal walk from Bondi to Tamarama beach. It’s the perfect way to appreciate art in the style that all Bondi residents seem to love to do anything- through the great outdoors. It seems funny, to physically implant beauty (if you find art beautiful, but that’s a whole other discussion) where so much exists naturally. Yet somehow, this idea makes a lot of sense once you see it play out. It presents a whole new way to observe the deep blue crashing on the beautiful, rocky cliffs of the Pacific’s edge. Suddenly circular pieces of metal of modern art seem more alive when presented against one of the oldest elements of our planet than they ever could have in the white corner of a museum.


Koichi Ishino 'Mountains Air- Circles'
Koichi Ishino ‘Mountains Air- Circles’


David Horton ‘Louise and the Cave’
Kozo Nishino 'Swing in the Air'
Kozo Nishino ‘Swing in the Air’

Several pieces have a lot going on.

Marion Gaemers ‘Weave the Reef, Love the Reef’


Niharika Hukku ‘Adaptation’…if you follow @niharikahukku on Instagram, you can see this sculpture glow at night

Some of the pieces are so seamless, you might miss them.

Alice McAuliffe 'Concrete Carpet'
Alice McAuliffe ‘Concrete Carpet’

While others seem more natural to our industrialized way of life, their presence alarming and sad.

Norton Flavel 'Just Another...'
Norton Flavel ‘Just Another…’

And others still are pretty far out, surreal, eclectic…

Alessandra Rossi 'Untitled (Coral)
Alessandra Rossi ‘Untitled (Coral)


…and even interactive.


Some are not even pieces of art, just natural creations of of Earth or commentary on protection of its delicate existence.



If you’re in Sydney you had better hurry quick. This free exhibit is finished by Sunday.


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