10th Anniversary Issue of Viste La Calle

It’s been way too long since my last Spanish class and unfortunately, shooting for VIste La Calle didn’t bring me much lingual clarity- although the theme of our shoot was ‘divinas’; its meaning rendering itself obvious through our barely there makeup, and angelic blonde hair adorned with golden crowns. No, I may not be able to speak much Spanish beyond a level 2 nor glean much information from Viste La Calle’s  website, but their presence is noted in an abundance of Instagram followers and a very active blog of impeccable street style. When words fail, that’s when we can be thankful for art. The story I was honored to tell with the incredible team at the Vulcan Room studio in Brooklyn is proof that meaning doesn’t have to be spoken or written, it can be observed and felt through the presence of an image.

Below is the full spread, just in case you too can’t get ahold of the 10th anniversary issue. I want to give a special congratulations to Viste La Calle on 10 impressive years, our incredibly talented and genuinely kind photographer Andres Oyuela, the man responsible for our beautiful, dewy complexions and making us smile, make-up artists Eric Vosburg, and our fabulous stylist, David Chicaeme. Last but not least, I can’t forget the beautiful Adeele Rassel , for always being a great girl to work with and for letting me show up to all of the same castings ;). Check out all of the images and let us know what you think in the comments!

















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  1. Stunning as always, Rach! Love being able to catch up with you by following along. Keep it up, girl! XO – M

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