10 Life-Changing Habits For Gorgeous Locks

This article was originally posted to Story Chick but I wanted to share it on my personal blog with y’all as these are rules that I live by!

I am a model and I also have thick hair, which, believe it or not, is an unusual combination. 90% of the time, the model in the ad with luscious flowing hair is rocking expensive clip in extensions under her own heat damaged ‘do. With all of the poking, pulling, teasing and excessive brushing done on set, it’s really hard for models to keep their hair healthy and thick. A lot of my friends who are not models have the same issue, as I’m sure many of us do. Hair straighteners, cool little curling tools, and blow dryers make it really easy to fix weirdly textured, frizzy, or lifeless hair in a couple of minutes. However, all of that heat and activity is wreaking havoc on your hair. Fortunately, I over obsess over my hair and its health and friends are constantly asking me how I keep mine so full and healthy. It’s not magic and though genetics help, there are several very real habits I have picked up that have changed my hair completely. And now, dear readers, I share them with you!

  1. GET YOUR TRIMS- if you don’t abuse the crap out of your hair on a daily basis, then you truly don’t have to get a trim every 8 weeks as the unwritten rule states. For those who do, however, you really really should every few months. Some question whether it makes hair grow faster or not and the point is, all of the abuse you put on your hair literally splits the hairs and the only way to stop them in their tracks is to trim them. You can do it yourself but I highly recommend a professional! Plus hair always looks super healthy after a great trim.
  2. DEEP CONDITION EVERY WEEK- I tell my girlfriends this constantly when they ask how my hair is so healthy. I highlight it very light blond and although I’m a natural blonde, the super blonde hairs are very weak. Truth be told, I ONLY use a deep conditioner as a conditioner. Alternate between a moisturizing one (right now I’m using one from Dove that you can find at your drug store and is very inexpensive) a protein strength-building one. For blonde hair especially it is great at keeping hair from snapping. I swear by Redken’s Extreme Strength Builder Plus with proteins but you can use any kind. Leave it on for anywhere from 5-30 minutes, although the longer you do it, the better. Buy it here.

    1. USE PROTECTION BEFORE YOU HEAT- You can literally use anything; a serum, hairspray, hair oil, anything to act as a barrier between the heat tool and your precious hairs.
    2. USE HAIR OIL- All it takes is a dime size amount, but it makes all of the difference. Moroccan, Argon, what have you, apply it to the ends of your hair when damp and you will see a great change. Now ladies, here is where I splurge. After I had to get highlights on top of highlights and my hair was falling out, my stylist rubbed Kerastase Elixir Ultime for color treated hair onto my fine hairs and it saved so much of my hair! It is super expensive, (my salon sold it to me for $40 but you can get it here a bit cheaper. It does come in a big bottle and is the best oil I have ever used in my life! Coconut oil also works great, but I find it to be too greasy for everyday. Before you work out or 30 minutes before you shower, damp hair with comb and apply bunches of coco oil for a nice mask. Wash out afterwards.



    1. BRUSH FROM THE BOTTOM AND WORK YOUR WAY UP- Even the washers at the salon forget this and start brushing the top of my head, breaking hair all the way down and creating knots. I learned how to brush when I received my first American Girl doll at the age of 6 and have never looked back. My doll’s hair had to last because hers wouldn’t grow back! Try combing from the bottom up and save yourself a lot of trouble.
    2. ONLY USE WET BRUSH OR WIDE-TOOTHED COMB ON WET HAIR- anything else pulls too hard. Hair is weaker when wet.
    3. CONDITION YOUR ENDS ONLY IF YOU HAVE FINE OR FLAT HAIR- I have a girlfriend with thin hair and the only way she can keep her hair bouncy and grease-free is to apply conditioner to only the ends of her hair. Several inches from the root will do it. You don’t want to weigh your hair down.
    4. RINSE WITH COLD WATER- Seal the follicle and keep the moisture in. Stick your face under the cold while you’re at it to tighten the pores for a nice double whammy.
    5. DONT WASH YOUR HAIR- I’m serious. The quickest way to lifeless, dry locks is to over wash your hair. Try to go as many days in between washings as possible to keep from stripping your hair of its natural oils. If I don’t have a shoot, I’ll go up to four days without washing. I know that can be extreme, but trust me, over-washing your hair is torture. Try rocking this half up style to hide the grease on day 3 like I do! Or enjoy a slick backed ponytail.
    Photo Credit: http://www.harpersbazaar.com/beauty/hair/advice/g4796/celebrity-half-buns/
    Photo Credit: http://www.harpersbazaar.com/beauty/hair/advice/g4796/celebrity-half-buns/


    1. IF YOU HAVE LOTS OF PRODUCT IN YOUR HAIR, WASH IT OUT!!! – a good hair spray can be brushed out quite easily, but loads of spray and products only work to dry your hair out. If you did yourself up good for a night out, wash it the next morning. I wash my hair pretty much immediately after a shoot if there is a lot of product in my hair. If you feel you’ve washed too much, just do a deep conditioner afterwards.

Cover Photo by Robet Clyde Grima

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