This Is What I’m Bringing To Coachella

Weekend one is finally here! While I wouldn’t say that I’m a Coachella veteran, this will be my fourth trip into the desert, so I definitely know what to expect. I’ll be driving out to Palm Springs with my man this Thursday towards the greatest weekend of the year. For something so monumental, one must be prepared. I’ve been to Coachella enough times to know that sure, everyone is going to look cute, but comfort is key. Plus, those desert nights get a little chilly…. Here are the essentials definitely going into my suitcase.


I’m not usually much of an outfit planner, but knowing exactly what I want to wear each day saves me a lot of trouble when I’m in Palm Springs. Dresses are the most comfortable, although I couldn’t resist this sweet white top from Forever 21 that I paired with denim shorts from Goodwill that I cut myself. The dress on the left is from Urban Outfitters and at $69, rounds out the cheap price I got for the top ($17). The middle dress is a vintage find with an open back that my girlfriend let me borrow. Can’t wait to play around in it!




What’s the point of a festival if you can’t have any fun? I used to go hard core and wear stacks of raver beads on my arms that I traded with people. I’ve toned it down lately, but still can’t forget to wear my first gift of beads ever. The orange bracelet was a gift from my friend from Panama that I can’t wait to wear. As for the body jewels…why not? I love the cool designs from Body Bauble. (The crystals will be coming with me too!)



I won’t wear them all at once, but I love layering some of my favorite pieces. I may wear my new Lili Claspe choker every day, I love it that much! I love a good choker as much as the next babe, but this one is definitely special and unique. Pairing old with new is my favorite, so I’ll wear the long gold chain that was my grandmother’s with some of my new pieces.



There ain’t no point of going if I’m not wearing my Ray Bans. The classic style is the only sunglasses pair I ever wear. Plus, they are the foldable style and fit great in my tiny purse. As for the sweater, Sunaj makes an adorable one that I’ll need on the chilly evenings of the festival. As for the sneakers, I plan to wear this pair every day. Comfortable, cute, and protective, these are exactly what my toes are asking for. And of course, I can’t forget my airplane and poolside read, my favorite magazine that just came in the mail, The New Yorker.

Last but not least, here are the final essentials I can’t leave home without. 50+ sunscreen may seem overboard but I am very serious about protecting my skin. I still always manage to pick up a hint of color even while wearing the screen and recommend you do the same! My BCBG purse is perfect for holding all of my stuff (as well as my bf’s!). It matches everything, just like my new belt from Urban Outfitters . And last but not least, my bikini, which is a given!!

I’m pretty confident that I’ve covered everything I’ll need for this trip. In just a few days I’ll be out under the sun, enjoying the fresh air, live music, and a drank or two. Get ready for more posts on Coachella to come!




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