The Business of Beauty: Exclusive Interview With Model/Co-Founder of Ice+Jam Jamie Murphy


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I have been wanting to start the Model Citizen section of my blog for some time now. Demonstrating to the world that models can be more than just pretty faces is a goal of mine that has finally come to fruition through the showcasing of incredible models with incredible passions and skills beyond the camera lens. First up is fellow Wilhelmina model and business extraordinaire Jamie Murphy. She was kind enough to show us how she has enriched her career with a new passion: starting her own lipstick and gloss company with friend and founder Ivy Mitcham Evans. Our first exclusive interview is below, so read on!ICEJAM.NEWWEB3-2

Image Source: TRG Reality

1. How did you and your co-owner Ivy Mitcham Evans meet?

We met at a house party and in Ashtabula Ohio when were 16

2. How did you two decide to start a business? And why did you decide on beauty?

We were discussing career paths and the lack of interest that we both had in choosing a direction that lacked excitement and growth both personally & professionally. We talked about making a product that could reach every woman. Ivy said lets make lipgloss.

3. Did you always have the entrepreneurial spirit, or did it come after the fact, through modeling?

The first time my dad showed me his “Mr. Peabody” invention and entrepreneur was born. I was fascinated with the idea of making something out of nothing that no one had seen before & was intrigued by patents and trademarks.

4. How has your experience as a model helped develop ice+jam?

Meeting so many different creative people gives me a lot insight and a unique perspective towards branding.


Motherflocker ($23.50) captured by: TRG Reality

5. I love how each lipstick has a clever name like Motherflocker and Ouch Ouch You’re On My Hair. What inspired such witty names?

We had a color naming party and all the gals came over to try on all the colors. They blotted kiss marks and write what they would name them. Willy model, Erin Williams wrote down “Not ur wife” for the deep purple shade and it cracked us up the next morning when we went through everyone’s ideas. When we realized we could make people laugh there was no turning back from a theme of shockingly flirty names.

6. What prompted the decision to make your lipsticks and gloss safe for the body as well as the environment?

There was no question that anything we made would be as healthy for the lips as it was enhancing.


Ice Lip Plumper ($27.00) captured by: TRG Reality

7. Your lip plumper has already sold out on your website…what’s the plan for the future of your business?

There’s lots more ICE on the way and it’s as far out as it sounds! The immediate future is focused on distributing and delivering our products as lovingly as they were made & for now, the lips will stay our focus. We have a men’s line and a baby line in the works and a fabulous lip pencil that works with all our colors.

8. I am very impressed by your ability to create your own business. What is your advice for other models or young people who want to explore other avenues?

Thank you! We impressed ourselves too! “Give yourself the benefit of the doubt and you’ll surprise yourself too!”

You can check out their website and purchase their beautiful lipsticks (each only $23.50) at ICE+JAM  or follow them through their exciting instagram feed @iceandjam . Follow Jamie Murphy @bodybyjam and Ivy Mitcham @ivyice_ directly on Instagram! Stay tuned for our next model showcase.


Image Source: Brittany Trinity Harvey

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