When Banksy Comes To Istanbul

Even though I have yet to make it to Istanbul Modern Museum, I relished the opportunity to see a one of a kind exhibit on the world’s most famous and most illusive graffiti artist- sir Banksy.


DISCLAIMER: I apologize in advance for the quality of my pictures. My incredible digital camera has died and I of course did not bring a charger to Istanbul…..so bear with me!

From today until February 24, the works of this mysterious man are on display in the bottom floor of the Global Investment Holdings which has been transformed into Global Karaköy. This exhibit is the largest Banksy collection ever brought together, including entire walls removed from actual graffiti sites and privately owned pieces, many from the curator Steve Lazarides private collection.


The first part of the exhibit contains photographs of Banksy creating graffiti, of course with his face covered, sprayed out, or layer over with a sticker of some kind. It goes to show how little Banksy cares for personal credibility and how he wishes the statements behind his witty and poignant works to remain the center of attention.














The Art of Banksy, set up like the streets of London, contains rolling footage of the Tube and many key pieces that showcase Banksy’s rise to fame. The floor is even recreated as a road, complete with red English pay phones.


There are even gift shops, dubbed 100% Unofficial in Banksy’s typical antiestablishment style. Warning: if your friend takes you to a Banksy exhibit that has been set up like a candy shop, do NOT eat the candy. It is not allowed…..




All in all, Banksy is a key part of our global culture and his works are worth noting, observing, and enjoying. I love Banksy because of how little he cares for personal fame and how much he wants his messages to be known and be felt by everyone. His graffiti can be hung in your home for millions, or if you are lucky enough, you will catch one of his sales where he has a random man selling original pieces for $50 on the street, unbeknownst as Banksy to the public. Or perhaps you and take a stroll in your city one day, see some Banksy on a building, and enjoy his art for free, as he always intended it to be…

Buy tickets HERE , just 35 TL for adults and 28 TL for students.


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