rachel on the runway: Paola Hernandez SS16

Just in case you haven’t noticed, it’s that blessed time of year again- the one special week at the start of September that, for a moment, gives us something to get our minds off of the fact that vacations have already been spent, long days in the sunshine have past, and summer is actually over. Fortunately, we have fashion, and in New York City, we have fashion week.paola nyfw

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My first show of the season started on Thursday, day 1 of NYFW. I’m not a big show girl, but I love doing a handful every season. I find it exciting to be a part of a designer’s vision for their clothes, for their art and their expression of themselves. Every show has its own energy and vibe, relying on the space in which its held, the mood of the clothes and music as well as the choices for hair and make-up to tell the complete story of the collection. So as it was, on a steamy, 92 degree night I arrived at The Hole Gallery on Bowery to walk for Mexican designer Paola Hernandez. The space, with the art that normally hangs there already removed, was clean and white with gold hexagons laid down in a pattern to constitute our runway. Even devoid of art, the room held the energy for the show yet ahead.

The hair was done in a sleek low pony tail that, believe it or not, takes much more skill and effort than you would imagine. Lead artist Jenny Balding was responsible for my pretty pony, as well as the spritz of gold paint on top of my head. MAC cosmetic artist Amy Ernest gave me my make-up look. I took my selfie below in front of the only art still hung in the gallery as it was in the hair and make-up room.

paola hernandez selfie


paola hernandez behind the scenes

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Two other models and I backstage before the show

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The show itself was a beautiful, strong creation. Set to a unique soundtrack, the music was just as important as the silence interspersed between the string instruments that played (please do not ask me which kinds specifically as I’m not that musically inclined!),  creating a certain tension that enhanced the straight, clean lines of the garments. Neutrals of gray, cream, black, and gray paraded down the runway, including my look below in a mesh crop top and gorgeous silk/crepe pants. I did want to take them off after the show! 

paola hernandez runway

paola hernandez dress

paola hernandez look

paola hernandez strutpaola hernandez herself

Here is Paola herself, looking beautiful after the show!

Immediately after the show, we returned to the runway for several minutes. After standing in one place for a few moments, we would rotate, turn around and trade places, giving late comers a chance to view the collection and give photographic opportunities. Overall, I was thrilled to be a part of this show and to wear her clothes! Check out her showroom at 188 Broadway if you are ever in Brooklyn!

paola hernandez me


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