The Skin You’re In: Summer Essentials

No matter how well you keep after your skin, the summer heat can really mess things up. Regardless of how often I wash my face, as soon as I step outside I’m a sweaty, dirty mess, thanks to the lingering dirt in the humid New York City air. Sweat is great for your skin, but not mixed with make-up and with no chance to rinse with water in sight. However, because my skin is a huge part of my job, I have found a few ways to keep my skin healthy and clear amidst all of the yuck.


epionce better

It’s an unfortunate fact that I am prone to blackheads. Nothing ever works, especially those nose strips from the drug store, so I thought I would be dealing with those pesky black dots for life. However, last week, a lovely friend sent over a package of Epionce products. I tried their moisturizer, which is great, but it was the purifying toner inside that has changed everything! I thought I would give it a try by applying via cotton ball to my skin after I washed it at night. Within a matter of days, my black heads have all but disappeared! This magic elixir removes dirt and oil from the skin with ingredients like Willow Bark extract and Salicylic acid, the great enemy of acne. Get this toner to cleanse that skin during the summer heat, or find one like it that works for you!


mario badescu

Nothing refreshes on a hot summer day (or even after a long plane ride) like a spritz of Rosewater to the face! Mario Badescu makes my favorite with herbal extracts and rosewater to relieve tired, dehydrated skin. The scent alone refreshes my head space and the ingredients, fresh as can be, relieve my skin. Click the link for the cheapest way to get your rosewater. Ulta lists the product for $7, which is a bargain to keep your skin and your wallet plump!


shea butter

For some time now, I have been using coconut oil on my skin as a natural, simple moisturizer. I wake up to healthy, refreshed skin that feels baby soft every day. However, after hearing some friends voice skepticism over my favorite oil, I did some research and discovered that it is in fact, technically, comedogenic and has the potential to clog your pores. Shea butter, on the other hand, has a much, much smaller potential to do anything but moisturize that gorgeous face of yours. Shea butter is all natural and packed with  richness in Vitamin A and E. While coconut oil works for me, switching to shea butter has more lifelong potential! Whole Foods offers a great one . I recommend going as simple (less ingredients) and as natural as possible with your skin.



You can moisturize, purify, and all that jazz all day long but nothing, and I mean nothing will help your skin if you aren’t wearing sunscreen. The damage from the sun is irreversible and sometimes deadly, though I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve heard it. Just as I like to keep my moisturizer pure and simple, the same goes for sunscreen. It’s so much better knowing I’m not absorbing tons of chemicals through my skin! I use Babyganics daily in the summer months and switch to a moisturizer with spf when the sun is not as strong. Babyganics is never tested on animals, water resistant, and free of all parabens and gunk. On every list I’ve read of sunscreens you should allow near your skin, Babyganics is there, every time! You will see how it does its work, it comes out super thick. Make sure to rub it all in! I like mine in a nice, high SPF of 50. It is technically for babies, but I have learned if it is gentle enough for babies, it is good for you!

And y’all, if you absolutely must be tan, try getting a spray from St. Tropez. Their products are fantastic and your hue will be gorgeous! I got a spray tan here for a job and the results were stunning!

We’ve got a few more months to sweat it out folks, so please enjoy these products and the gorgeous skin you’re in!



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