My Jay-Z Approved Bracelet on XO Wilhelmina

If Jay-Z thinks something is cool, chances are, what you’re dealing with is pretty epic. That is exactly what went down when Myintent creator Chris Pan met Jay-Z at Soho house and introduced the hip-hop mogul to his project. Myintent may appear just like any other jewelry brand, but that is simply not the case. It is a “catalyst for meaningful conversations and positive energy.” It operates on the principles of karma and good energy. When you see someone wearing a Myintent, a conversation is begun. What does your bracelet say? What message are you trying to send the world? What is your intent?

The idea is pretty awesome. So awesome, in fact, that Jay-Z introduced Myintent to his buddies Rihanna and Kanye. Then this happened.

kanye west time


When my agent asked me if I would choose a word for my own Myintent bracelet to be featured on XO Wilhelmina, my agency’s blog, I was honored. Choosing just one word with a maximum of 12 letters was more of a challenge than I imagined. I could choose a word like love, but it felt too broad. Rihanna chose ‘Faith’ and Kanye ‘Beauty’, so I didn’t want to go there. Finally, almost reaching the limit, I chose ‘Compassion’. The world, especially in a place like NYC where a lot of different people with different beliefs, cultures, and backgrounds come together, can always use an extra dose of compassion. And it looks good on my bracelet, right?

my intent


Have something you want to say? Join the conversation and make your own Myintent bracelet here and cheek out my bracelet’s full meaning at XO Wilhelmina

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